Undead Fred : A Grave Tale

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New Year, New ideas.

01/09/2013 By Anthony Karanovich

First off let me apologise for not updating the site for a while. It was hard to update when we have been really busy

trying to get the development process jump started before the the holidays hit. The game name has officially  now 

Undead Fred : A Grave Tale. Our artist finished level one sprites. The programmers have added a 

lot of different game obstacles, along with a keyboard customization option for custom player presets. They also added in enemies and Freds attack cycle.  I have designed some special abilities that the team will incorporate. Sorry for this, but spoiler alert, the picture above is one of  five special abilities that Fred will have. This one in particular is called death gas, which Fred farts a green death cloud towards the enemy taking an X - amount of health. 

In the near future we do plan to release a demo of the game. We need your help with advertising to assure that all our hard efforts are rewarded. Tell your friends about this site and game, tell them of the awesome witty game that is to come, Undead Fred : A Grave Tale. Also we have updated our About Us page by uploading short biographies on the team, so go ahead check it out !!!

Check us out on facebook  : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Undead-Fred-A-Grave-Tale/310704929034751

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Undead Fred Artwork Update!!!
11/19/2012 By Anthony Karanovich

Hello everyone this is officially the second post on the development update
for "Undead Fred". Our team has grown by two artists which i carefully hand
picked to match my art ou style. The image on the left is a mock up image of 
our tilesets and backgrounds that our artists are creating for the game. Alot has
happened since the last update such as our programmers have finished some
basic physics and character control options for the game. Martin Hollstein is our
lead programmer for the game and at the current moment he is designing a
simple AI for the game. Our musical composer, Joel Jordan, had came up with
a main theme example. Then just recently, he remastered the track and you
wouldn't believe the awesomeness sound of his track. The team will be slowing
down a bit as Thanksgiving is in a couple of days. As for myself even though Thanksgiving is here I will be working on the game as
there is a lot of work still to be done. Yesterday I started a Kickstarter for the game  as we will need a little bit of money to for Game
Maker Studio Master as that will be the cheapest way to go about developing for the multiple platforms. Other than that the team is
making progress and is getting inspired constantly by all the new things added into the prototype. From me and the team I wish you
all the best on  your beautiful Thanksgiving day!!!

First Post on the Website

11/5/2012 By Anthony Karanovich

Welcome to the project site for the new 2d platform game in development called "Undead Fred".
I am lead designer and team lead for the game. I designed this game for couple of months with a simple
thought in my mind  " why can't I reinnovate the 2d platform game?" and so I started with a blank canvas and
started to
think of the features that I loved so much in all of the platformers i played while i was a kid.  I was really
inspired by making
this game that I almost had forgotten that if I wanted to create this masterpiece I wasn't gonna be
able to do it on my own so
I searched long and hard for my fellow team members and finally I found them all one by one. Long story short we started making the game. We have 2 programmers, 1 musical composer and 1 designer on our team. Im very excited to get started in making this work with them. We need artists for the game and maybe a SFX composer other than that we have started  the process.
Until next time ladies and gents. Thank you all !!!
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